Dear Visitor,

I make this meditation with all my heart. I believe it will help you to heal yourself in an efficient way. 

In the room where you are breathing, candles and burns in the burn. Set and decorate a fixed cloak for meditation. Do your meditation in this box. Before the meditation, plenty of water. Sit in a comfortable position during meditation and close your eyes. Breathe deeply through the nose and breathe through your nose. From the hill cakrandan white light is entered, once the whole physical body and then the whole aurani filling. Then remember the feeling you want to create in your life or remember. Focus on this feeling or event. Remember that pain and grief. Consider this feeling or event until it hurts. Follow the way your thoughts take you. When you feel you start forgetting, imagine a pipe of light coming from the coke to the magma. This is all the negative energies of the pipe. Fill the light with the golden color from the hill cakrandan instead. When the golden color of the whole body is filled with light and you feel the emotion that you have created, take a deep breath and take the light to the magma and send it to the magma. And repeat the cumulates of water: Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you … Then he lovingly opens his eyes to his new life. Remember that every trauma you can release with love allows very beautiful sifalanmalara life. I recommend that you do this work every day. As you clean your feelings, traumas, you will be strengthened by your self, your connection with your soul. Then you will start to travel with the most wise guide in your life. If you have no blood pressure or stomach problems, I recommend you to start your day with lemon water or lemon juice.

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