Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. Cakras are the energy centers of our body. You can magine them like spinning energy balls.

There are 7 main chakras on the projection of human body. Five of them are located on the spinal cord and two of them at the head. I will explain them in detail in my next article.

It is a system between energetic and physical levels. Everybody receives cosmic energy from the universe. The energy enters to the system with help of nadis`. Through nadis, chakras are feeded, after the organs` receive the energy from chakras. So what is the connection between physcal body and energetic body? Each chakra is related with secretory glands and a plain of the aura:

Root Chakra-Etheric Body
Sacral Chakra- Emotional Body
Solar Plexus- Mental Body
Heart Chakra- Astral Body
Throat Chakra- Spiritual Body
3rd eye Chakra- Cosmic Body
Crown Chakra- Nirvanic Body

Chakras also in connection with the endocrine glands:

Chakra – Endocrine Gland:
Root Chakra – Testes/Ovaries
Sacral Chakra- Adrenals
Solar Plexus- Pancreas
Heart Chakra- Thymus
Throat Chakra- Thyroid
3rd eye Chakra- Pituitary
Crown Chakra- Pineal

When there is a problem in any part of your energetic body, in time that blockage stops the energy flow through the body and you can not feed the body as it suppose to be. The organ with lack of energy has reduced or enhanced frequency so this is how it gets sick. In cosmoenergy healing process, you receive relevant frequency through the organ. Because everything is another form of energy and different type of things has different frequencies. So it is good to have specific healing frequency channels for each organ or disease.

Much Love and Gratitude,