Cosmoenergy helps your transformation in a fast and strong way. This holistic method is a good to strengthening your connection between your higher self and the divine (Logos, system). By cleaning the blockages of current life and past incarnations. You will feel centered and balanced. Eventhough you are here to transform your energy, as a humanbeing you would also want to be happy in this life time. Those cleaning helps you with releasing blockages  and being happy in your life at the same time. Because blockages bring us some tests, if you increase your awareness level it is easier to pass.

During an individual session I work with cosmoenergy. After you take an appointment I ask for your birth info to create your birth chart.

At the first appointment I do aura reading for diagnosis energetic necessities. Second part of a session is coaching. It takes approximately half an hour. The third part is a combined shamanic drum and cosmoenergy session. I do cleaning on chakras, aura, and the physical body at energetic level.

Energy healing is a process, so if we work on a specific subject with cosmoenergy  it takes between 1 and 15 sessions. It depends on that person. Because no healer can heal you. You are the one who heals you, a healer just a channel between you and the source. And this is why I always tell my clients to go and try different methods to find what is best for them and learn. Because no healer or lover can be in your head when you are in bed.

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