Dear Friends, 
Hear is a good meditation that you can use both for the lunar eclipse on 21st of January 2019 and in general as well. Most important thing about meditation is doing it regularly. Even for 5 minutes per day is good but you need to do it persistently. Each time you practice it you would be building bridges in your brain so this is why it will be easier. 

Light up a candle in a dark room,
1-For 7 mins do breathing exercise (4 seconds inhale, 8 seconds exhale. Counting would be good to trick your mind so it can`t keep you busy.)2-Imagine a white light enters from your crown chakra through your root chakra and from there it goes to the core of the earth. 3-For a few minutes strength the connection and after start thinking about a memory or an emotion that disturbs you. The lunar eclipse on 21 of January is about impulses so it is good to focus on recent emotional situations.4- Stay with the memory/emotion as long as you need to, unless you feel deeply relieved and forgive the person, memory and yourself. 5- Send all the negative energies to the core of the earth with love for the good.6-Imagine a golden light comes through your crown chakra to the earths core and after cut the connection with core of the earth.7-Fill your body with the golden light heal yourself with the power of golden light.8-Thank to the light and cosmic energy that heals you.
Remind yourself wisdom words of Ho’oponopono,

  • I am sorry,
  • Please forgive me,
  • Thank you,
  • I love you.