As each of us our energetic field is unique too. So this is the reason why we all have different enlightenment stages in current incarnation. We can basically say that it is not related how old we are or what we have been through since we were born.

There could be a moment that a student could become brighter than the teacher. The huge mistake is comparing ourselves with others and thinking our hard work over years did not take us to the level of another person`s awareness level. Each of us are born in another chakra level (awareness) and could have a different path on this complex system.

We are part of a living organism. Like a drop in the ocean or a single cell in a body. As we have our own duty but we also have collective duties. Comparing and judging is not helpful on our mission. Even though it is hard not being judgmental at the first sight as a human being, we supposed to learn how to see things as a spiritual being.

Healing is a work that requires a long and persistant process. During this journey, changing the methods one to another or stacking with feelings aren`t helpful. We should always remember it is the path of transformation. It is a life time job to do. So we should of connect to our selves and listen to it to find which method is the best to hold on to. But expecting reaching Nirvana in a couple of months or years is only a thing to hold you back from your transformation. So if you are willing to find your track be ready to hard work.